Welcome to Firefly Home & Kids Lighting

Welcome to Firefly Home & Kids Lighting

We design and supply the best overhead lighting for kid’s rooms and spaces and your home. Utilizing the highest and finest quality materials with trending designs to personalize each and every room they are installed in.

Firefly was established in 2010 with the vision of making lighting kids' rooms affordable, unique, and practical. Our customers asked us to help them with lighting for their homes; the Home Collection was born 6 years later.  We have grown from the little company that could to the company that did! 

Our kid's & nursery lighting is everything from unique drum lights with interchangeable shades to magnificent chandeliers and everything in between. If you are looking for a theme for your child’s room we definitely have the answer for your lighting needs. Our home ceiling lighting is a curated collection of traditional and modern styles to create a unique sense of style to each and every room there are featured.

All of our light fixtures supply the optimum brightness when it comes to illuminating your home. We do not scrimp on illumination for the sake of design. Our lighting is designed by a team of dedicated lighting lovers and are designated UL listed, as safety goes hand in hand with style.

We are delighted and proud to now be in our brand new showroom, retail, and warehouse where our lights are beautifully displayed. All of our lights are in stock and ready to be shipped free of charge to all of our clients all across Canada and the US. Items can also be purchased and picked up just north of Toronto, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area.

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