Let's talk Rattan!

Let's talk Rattan!

As we all know rattan, wicker and bamboo have been a part of interior home design for ages. In the past, it usually was relegated to vacation home décor
and furniture. Now the natural fibre has made its way into the home in a very
big tending way: LIGHTING!

The Rattan Pendant Light can now be found hanging in almost every room of your home. Dreamy natural baby nurseries are being designed with a neutral palette that includes wicker and rattan pendant light in various sizes and shapes. Hanging centre stage of plenty of nurseries, rattan lighting casts a soft enchanting glow to lend itself a BoHo feel that is also trending through the entire home now. Nursery Light Fixtures that grow from infant stage to toddler and beyond.

rattan pendant light nursery

Rattan Pendant Lights of varying weaves are being used in the living areas of a
lot of homes. Popular styles tend to range from open weave round globe types
to cylinder-shaped tight weaves in rattan, bamboo, or wicker.  To add a dramatic touch the rattan light fixtures are now available in shades of black to white and everything in between. Whether you use them floating effortlessly over a kitchen island or tucked in over a kitchen table the look is always fresh and inviting.
Rattan Pendant Light

You will also find Rattan Pendant Light in bathrooms, powder rooms, foyers, living rooms, and dining rooms………which tells you how flexible the rattan look can be. If you have a ceiling, a rattan pendant light will usually be able to find its way there and look marvelous at the same time. From traditional room décor to a more minimalist décor the wicker ceiling light can blend in quite beautifully.
Rattan Pendant Light Bathroom
Most rattan pendant light fixtures use a flexible cord to continue that light airy feel and some are even jute rope wrapped.  This gives you plenty of options on the height at which to install your rattan pendant light. 

Rattan ceiling lights can be paired easily with inexpensive baskets and other rattan décor throughout the home. A wicker basket brimming with blankets juxtaposed with overhead rattan lighting always captures a sense of warmth and coziness no matter which room it is in your home. So go find that room that is begging you to incorporate this light fresh trending look of rattan!


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