Dining Room Light Fixtures

Dining Room Light Fixtures

The dining room is one of the most memory-making rooms in your home. It’s most likely where you will host most major family events for dinner. It’s also a place for eating and having conversations with friends and neighbours. Unlike the kitchen which needs task lighting, it does not have to be brightly lit and therefore mood lighting is more desirable and effective. The choice of your ceiling light can set the tone of the room and, with the dining room being traditionally a smaller room of the home; the lighting fixtures can be the central feature. If you are looking for an update to your dining room light fixtures then follow these tips for an expertly lit space.

Your dining room light fixtures should be a multi-light chandelier so it makes the ceiling light fixture the centerpiece of your room.  Most dining room chandeliers are just that, but another trending option is to have multiple pendant lights instead. Rattan pendant lights in grouped configurations are trending very hot now. In either case, the goal is to eliminate unappealing dark spots in the room.

Classic multi-armed chandeliers with draped crystals or beaded ropes help create an elegant look above the dining room table.  The simple design of a glass globed or geometric-shaped chandelier makes for a more modern minimalist design. The goal is for an even, diffused glow for your dining room.

A standard chandelier should be about 30 to 36 inches from the top of the table to the bottom of the fixture. The dining room with higher ceilings can push this up a few more inches and that’s where an adjustable hanging chain or cord is really beneficial. Try to match the shape of the dining room light to the table. Long lines are perfect for square and rectangular tables, while curves and round chandeliers echo a round or oval table’s shape.

Next, make sure your dining room light fixtures are on dimmers. The dining room chandelier is the main event of your room next to your beautifully set table. There are times when you may want more light, such as holidays when the whole family is around the table or when your dining room is transformed into a puzzle-making games room! And then there are the times when you may want the lights dim and moody, such as smaller, more intimate dinners with just a few other people. Either way makes sure you have both options available and your dining room light fits the occasion.

Finally, another easy way to add a layer of light is to bring in some candles! Candles bring a soft glow to the room, greatly helping the ambiance.  I highly recommend you use unscented ones - you don’t want the scent of the candles to interfere with the delicious smell of the food.

So enjoy your dining room light fixtures as much as you can – on or off it can be the crown jewel of your home.

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