Design your kids bedroom light with Drum Lights

Design your kids bedroom light with Drum Lights

Choosing the right style for your kids bedroom light can be sometimes daunting. An easy solution with a ton of options is Drum lights. Drum lighting for your kids bedroom light can be colourful, and whimsical and you can even choose a themed one. Having your little one help in the decision is an affordable and cooperative venture you can do together. But always remember, if you are allowing them to be a part of the decision-making process – respect their decision also. Sometimes compromise is needed on both ends.

Drum lighting as the primary kids bedroom light also gives you optimum lighting coverage no matter what the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Most drum lighting is either semi-flush mounted or some even have adjustable hanging cords.  Look for drum lights that either have multiple bulb configurations or a single high wattage bulb. The brighter the better, as you can always reduce the lighting in the room with a dimmer switch to create a soft overall warm glow when needed like at bedtime.

Your child’s imagination can be fostered with a creative kids bedroom light installed above where they spend a good majority of their time. What better use of their curiosity than wondering what they think is going on in the design that surrounds their light fixture? Always a great jumping-off question to your child is “Where do you think those animals, fish, vehicles, etc. are going?”

There are so many choices in drum lighting shades to help you match bedding, décor, or even a favourite colour. The choices are endless as to whether you want a bold colour or a muted palette to complete your kids room.  Thematic lighting is also very popular among drum lighting. Does your child have a favourite sport… a favourite animal…a favourite colour? There are so many jumping-off spots to make the kids room lights work for you and your home.

I always advise going with your first instinct when making your choice, as that is how you make a decision that usually has lasting power.  In the end, when choosing your Drum Light have fun no matter what you choose, the really great thing about kids bedroom lights is that they can be easily replaced or inherited by your next child.

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