How to pick the perfect lighting for your Nursery

August 16, 2017

How to pick the perfect lighting for your Nursery

Among all the exciting plans that people make when they are expecting a baby, one of our favorites is decorating the nursery.

The nursery is where you start to form your first memories and also where most of the magic happens; from sleepless nights bonding with the baby on the rocking chair to the baby sleeping the whole night milestones.

We know that what makes a gorgeous nursery is all the love and thought that you put into it. Add to that your favorite lighting to create an ambiance and you have the perfect room for the new love of your life.

Lighting is the cherry on the top of your nursery decorating.  So, how can you get the most out of it?

We have 3 tips for that: pick a style, pick a theme, and then pick a color. Be bold! (This is our extra tip).

1. Pick a Style

Are you looking for a classic design or a modern style? Are you going for drum lights or for chandeliers?

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2. Pick a Theme

Nautical, woodland, aviator, little princess, safari, solid colors… What is the theme of your room?

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3. Pick your Colours

From solid colors to multi-coloured items, it’s important to define a color palette. The classic patterns, such as the chevron, and trendy designs, like the geometrics, are interesting choices for most nurseries.

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