Chevron Nursery Lighting

August 08, 2016 1 Comment

Chevron Nursery Lighting

Good design has always required two main fundamentals: aesthetic perfection, and functionality. At Firefly Kids we strive to perfect that balance, by coupling functional items of a proportional scale with avant-garde design as well as classic design patterns that never seem to go out of style. Those styles are very few and far between, but they do exist. A good geometric pattern, black and white schematic, clean lines, neutral colors, all seem to stand the test of time.

But as of late, coupling one of the golden standards of good, symmetrical geometry with the perfect shade of neutral, seems to dominate the stage of good design. Grey chevrons have been going strong for half a decade now, be they found on upholstery, high end woven rugs, classic prints or accessories. Bringing this perfect pallet to the lighting industry was only a  matter of time. Our grey chevron drum lights are our best sellers for valid reasons. They have a transcendent quality to them, difficult to match by any other lighting companies. They are not typecast into a children's fixture for life. Unobstructed in size, casting off the perfect amount of ambient lighting, the classic design makes this light fixture a designer's best friend. It can suddenly give an outdated kid's room a modern feeling; it can act as a centerpiece in a stark white, subway tiled powder room; it can be a simple modern accessory in a room full of strong personality pieces. The beauty of such a complementary accessory is its ability to transform, to blend in, and to absorb the surrounding design.

We have had so many clients over the years walk in to purchase a pink, girly, chandelier, and although they  do in fact make that purchase, more often than not, they also walk out with a grey chevron. Why you ask? It is the perfect transitional fixture that can be visualized virtually in any space.

Not to insinuate that it's alright to go shopping for a rug and come back home with a bedroom set, but when you do see something of such pure design aesthetic that tickles your senses, and ignites your creativity, you should more than likely not let it pass you by.

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