Black & White with a Touch of Gold - Nursery Inspiration

November 23, 2016

Black & White with a Touch of Gold - Nursery Inspiration

The classic combination that’s infamously so different yet go so well together.

It’s the reason why so many interior designers and home décor enthusiasts always keep this design technique under their creative tool-belt.

And there’s proof of it too because we can’t even count how many times this style has been replicated and recrafted to help build the ultimate dream room, home, or venue.

A great example? Envision that black and white checkerboard marble flooring in the main foyer of a home.  Absolutely stunning and impeccably sleek, it’s no surprise why this simple, yet elegant design works so well.

Yet, as trendy and stylish black and white has been for interior design, it’s been keenly kept out of a particular space in the home: nurseries and kids bedrooms.  Perhaps it’s because we envision children’s rooms to be swirls, twirls, and mixes of vibrant and bright.

However, those with an eye for design know that a timeless style such as black and white can’t be kept out for long. Especially when you complement it together with a touch of gold.

Black and white is the newest and hottest trend for nurseries and kids bedrooms.

Whether on cribs, floorboards, wall decorations, dressers, bed sheets, and yes! even light fixtures too!,…. the possibilities are endless in what you can do with your patterns, shapes, and accessories in cool and modern black and white.

In fact, be prepared to really see the chevrons, the polka dots, the stars, the animals, the stripes, and many other great shapes and patterns really POP due to the contrast between the two colors.  And of course, who could really resist shimmering gold lettering across a well-stitched throw pillow with words of inspiration and optimism.

The possibilities are endless and easily elegant and stunning, regardless of your level in design.

So don’t be afraid to be bold, to be creative, and to be original.

Let yourself be black and white, and yet be so much more at the same time. 

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